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Date AdvertiseQualificationShip TypeTonnageFlag Type
6.2.2021Chief OfficerKuru Yük3000 DWTYabancı
6.2.2021O / SKuru Yük3500 DWTT.C.
5.3.2021Engineer OfficerKuru Yük3200 DWTYabancı
5.3.2021O / SKuru Yük3500 DWTT.C.
5.3.2021Second OfficerKuru Yük2800 DWTYabancı
5.2.2021Chief EngineerPetrol Tankeri4500 DWTYabancı
3.3.2021Chief EngineerKuru Yük4700 DWT 2500 KWYabancı

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Sectoral News

How to ship a day pass ? Foreign seaman's position in our country In our country told shipowner